Sol Adventurers Foundation, Inc.


Mail in a donation to:

111 McCloud Ave.

Suite C

Mt Shasta, CA 96067

  • Donating to Sol Adventurers means hope for orphaned & disenfranchised youth who think they have been forgotten.

  • Your donation helps us provide enrichment and mentoring programs to youth in need.

  • Your donation helps to provide clean water and tools to assist our young people in becoming sustainable.

  • Your donation helps us provide tablets for educational purposes to youth in need.

  • Your donation helps young people to receive scholarships for higher education.

  • Your donation helps us teach young people how to grow their own organic produce, save seeds & use herbs as medicine.

  • Your donation allows us to reconnect the youth with their cultural roots.

  • Your donation helps young people to discover their gifts and share them with the world.

  • Your donation gives an elder the opportunity to pass ancient wisdom along to the youth and entrust them to pass this wisdom forward to the next seven generations.

  • Your donation helps us to spread wisdom globally on our radio show.

  • Your donations assists us in creating a tribe that supports and encourages on another to thrive & sustain one another.
  • Your financial abundance makes all of this possible. We give thanks to you.