Sol Adventurers Foundation, Inc.

We are currently in Jamaica with limited Internet but so many amazing projects in the works. We now have a likkle blue cottage at Sister Jackie’s House of Love to accommodate volunteers if anyone would like to come lend a hand. So many crops growing on this rich soil including ocra, corn, yam, pumpkin, scallions, garlic, and so much more. We have been aquiring all the tools we need to make products from the crops we are going as a means to sustain the home.

We have also been doing works at Natural Mystic Organic Farm and Grassroots Healing Center with Uncle Mud building rocket stoves, cob pizza ovens, composting toilets and much more with an amazing crew.

Programs are also developing at a farm in Ginger Ridge, St Catherine. More to come on that. Thanks for all your support.

Also, Borghinvilla Wedding Venue held a holiday party yesterday for the youth from @Sister Jackie house of Love. They had so much fun at this beautiful venue. Many thanks to Jennifer and Christian.


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